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About two years ago the St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church purchased a large piece of property on the corner of Cardinal and Ridgeway streets in North Jackson.  This property had been abandoned for over twenty-five years.  It had become a haven for drugs, prostitution, and heavy drinking!  Hundreds of whiskey and beer bottles littered the grounds.  There were several abandoned vehicles also.  This property was a serious blight on the community.  All this activity was being carried on right in the presence of children.   

In light of this, pastor James A. Washington, Sr., the members of St. Peter Baptist Church (after much prayer); felt led of the Lord to establish six much needed programs on this property.  This is to be done over a five year period. 

A Children Bible Camp (not a day care program) ages 4-12.  it is absolutely necessary that we reach our children at this age with the word of God if we are to serve them.

Single Parent Programs – this includes counseling, and many other areas of assistance to single mothers.

Senior Citizen Program

Financial Management – this program will show the biblical approach to handling our finances.  Among those who will assist in this program are experienced people, and those who are trained in financial management.

Limited Health Screening – this program will provide free testing for:

a.      Blood Pressure

b.      Blood Sugar

c.      Cholesterol

Industrial Arts Program – this program will help men and women to develop their skills.

 ___________________  YOU CAN HELP US  ________________________

    ·        Pray for the success of this effort

    ·        Be prepared to assist us by volunteering

    ·        Financial Donations (make checks payable to St. Peter Baptist Church c/o ABC         Ministry).

 This facility will be made available to church groups for Christian activities