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Pastor James A. Washington, Sr.


Thirty eight years ago, I was called to the pastorate at St. Peter M. B. Church.  This was without question, one of the high points in my Christian experience.  St. Peter, (located then on the corner of South and Martin streets) was the place of my second birth.  It was here that I accepted Christ at age of 11 or 12 years old.  I sung in the choir, taught Sunday School, served in the Baptist Training Union, and on the Usher Board.  And in June 1959 received my call to the ministry.  On the fourth Sunday night in January 1961, I preached my first sermon at St. Peter.  Later while serving as the assistant pastor of Cade Chapel Baptist Church, I was called to pastor St. Peter on the fourth Sunday in 1969.  The following Friday night I was called to pastor the Cade Chapel Baptist Church.  After much prayer, the Holy Spirit led me to accept the pastorate at St. Peter.  And I am happy to say God has been good to our ministry.

As I look back over the years, I see many things we have been able to accomplish, but only because of God’s leadership and grace.  Together with the most wonderful members in the world, we have been blessed with the following:


Ø       In 1973 we marched into a new church edifice at 1580 W. Ridgeway Street.

Ø       We led the Jackson Metropolitan area in two major Tony Evans Crusades.  This resulted in over 500 decisions for Christ (1982 and 1984) There was also a conference at the downtown Holiday Inn in 1983.

Ø       For more than twenty years we have successfully operated St. Peter Christian Day Care and we are now in our eleventh year of operation with our elementary school, St. Peter Christian Academy.  Both are very successful ministries.

Ø       About two and one half years ago, God led us to purchase three acres of land down the street for a special ministry.  This property has been used in this community for years as a haven for prostitution and drug abuse.  With God’s help we plan to establish a truly Christ centered ministry on this property. God has already given us the name.  It shall be called A.B.C. (All Because Of Christ Ministry).

§   There will be a Children Bible Camp (ages 5-12)

§        There will be a Limited Health Screening

        o        Blood Pressure

        o        Blood Sugar

        o        Cholesterol

§        There will be a Financial Management Program

§        There will be a Senior Citizen Ministry

§        There will be a Single Mothers’ Assistance and Counseling Program

§        There will be a special Skills Development Program

The beautiful thing is that ninety percent of these services will be free.  We already have commitment from some medical professionals to give us one day of free service.  God is blessing this project as well as our schools.  Please pray for our efforts.  And, remember “We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

My thanks to God for using me all these years here at St. Peter, and for giving me a loving, devoted, God fearing wife, Veola.  She is with the Lord now, but, she lives on in the hearts of our children, grandchildren, and members.  Thank you St. Peter for being there for my family and I, may God bless each of you, and crown your labors with abundant success.  We love you. 

Your Pastor and Friend,


James A. Washington, Sr.