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A Brief History of Our Church

St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1914.  Since its establishment, St. Peter has had three different facilities all located in Jackson, MS. The first was on Commerce Street, behind the old Fowler Buick building.  This area was then called the River Front.  The second was located on the corner of South and Martin Streets. The third and present location since April 22, 1973, is 1580 W. Ridgeway Street in Jackson, Mississippi.


1914 - St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church was established.

1973 – The current church building was designed by the members and board of St. Peter from the beginning to the end. The church bought its own land and built its own building. The first bus was also purchased at this time.

1981 through 1982- St. Peter organized and chaired the Mid Mississippi Crusade for Christ- Dr. Tony Evans, Evangelist

1983 –  St. Peter hosted a Discipleship Conference with five national speakers.  The second church bus was purchased to transport members to and from church functions.

1984 – St. Peter chaired a major crusade in Jackson, MS. – Dr. Tony Evans, Evangelist

1985 – St. Peter Daycare and Christian Learning Center opened. 

1987 – St. Peter chaired a major crusade in Jackson, MS.- Dr. E.V. Hill, Evangelist

1991 – The church underwent its first building addition which consisted of additional classrooms, an exercise room, offices, a game room and restrooms with showers.

1995 – The family life center was added. It consisted of a high school size basketball court, classrooms, a kitchen, offices, and restrooms. It was later named the Veola C. Washington Family Life Center.

1996 – St. Peter Christian Academy opened, K-5 through 6th grade.

2004 – St. Peter purchased land on Cardinal Street and began to prepare for the development of ABC (All Because of Christ) Ministries. A renovated bulletin board was installed in the front entrance of the parking a lot at the main building.

More recently, ABC Ministries was founded with a vision to offer a multi-purpose ministry consisting of counseling, limited health screening, biblical counseling on finances, a children’s ministry and a senior’s ministry to name a few.

Over the years, St. Peter has also been instrumental in forging race relations between black and white Christians. The culture of our church is and has been a Bible believing, Bible teaching ministry. Our culture falls in line with our Pastor’s compassionate belief that the church should be a place of learning. And our journey continues in the name of our Christ, and to the glory of God!